I am so proud of every victory, big or small! Every milestone a client accomplishes is worth celebrating.  Here is what some of my personal training clients have to say:


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Reba's enthusiasm is great.  Her willingness to ask my opinion and work me hard is greatly appreciated.  She never watches the clock or seems to be counting the minutes til we are done.  I also like that what we do varies each time.  She is very vested in helping me achieve a great work-out.  My core is getting stronger each week, my butt is lifting, my thighs are better, my form is better and she display's sincere concern for helping me achieve the things I want from training.   


I love Reba's patience with me and the fact she customized a plan that worked for me.  She told me my fitness journey was like a marathon and not a sprint, and she created routines that allowed me to slowly build up my endurance which I believe is one of the reasons I consider this process so successful.  I also love her enthusiasm and support.  Even on day's when I'm not feeling it, she helps keep me accountable and moving.  It really makes all the difference.   So far, I've lost 10 pounds and several inches. I have increased endurance and strength. Reba has helped me in eating cleaner and adopting a healthier diet.  Most importantly, I am now committed to leading a healthier lifestyle that includes regular exercise. I love working with Reba and look forward to continuing this journey to a healthier me.

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I had never worked with a personal trainer before; so I was apprehensive since I didn't know what to expect.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was was worried about flare up.  She immediately made me feel "safe" and inspired me to try harder.  In addition, she would check with me to see how I was doing and if I was OK.  Both of these things increased my level of comfort and confidence. My goal when I started with Reba was to increase strength & stamina and lose a little weight.  But my bigger goal was to get stronger and more tone.  Since working with Reba, I have lost weight, feeling and observing more tone in my legs and I have increased strength, but most importantly I have increased confidence in what I can accomplish. 


I have worked with other personal trainers in the past who did not seem to care about me but Reba has been the best personal trainer I have ever had.  She cares about me and my progress.  She pay's attention and when she sees that I am struggling with an exercise, she makes modifications.  She gives me exercises that I can do on my own at the gym and at home.  But most importantly she has educated me regarding the importance of strength training along with understanding the importance of healthy eating. 




I was nervous about having another female trainer.  I never meshed well with them in the past but Reba was real with me and very personable.  She paid attention to me and worked with my limitations and found new ways to overcome my obstacles.  Reba has helped me loose weight and inches, alleviate some of my back pain and improved my posture - thanks to improvement in pain.   I couldn't be happier with my decision to train with Reba.


After suffering from a stroke in August 2016 and also a three timer cancer survivor my doctor and physical therapist suggested I work with a personal trainer.    Because of my personal health circumstances, I originally had reservations but she quickly put me at ease and has improved my stamina and self image.   I am fortunate to have Reba as my personal trainer.  Since working with Reba, I have increased stamina, better balance, improved breathing and have lost weight.   Reba is a pleasure to work with.  She works me hard and with her guidance, I continue to improve every week.  



My goals for training with Reba was to increase core and muscle strength for swimming and other sports.  Before training with Reba, I was weak in both my arms and legs.  I also had tight shoulders and back muscles.   Not only did Reba help me build muscle in my arms and legs, my core was strengthened and she helped in loosening my shoulder and back muscles with a variety of different stretches.  Reba encouraged and taught me new skills along with guiding me on certain machines to build muscles in my arms and legs for future sport activities.  

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See Susan’s testimony below.

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